Name: Nicholas Patrick Hayden

Birthday: July 30, 1981

Birthplace: Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

Residence: Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

Family: Father Earl, Mother Rose, Brothers Tommy and Roger, Sisters Jenny and Kathleen—and nieces Olivia Mikaye, Klaudia Rose, and Vera Claire

Cars: AMG CLS 63

Status: Single

Pets: “None, but my dad has a pig, some horses, llamas, and a dog”

Heroes: Bubba Shobert, Will Davis

Favorite Actresses: Mila Kunis, Minka Kelly

Favorite Actor: Martin Lawrence

Favorite Movie: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Favorite TV Show: Sportcenter

Favorite Food: Pizza or Mom’s cooking

Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream (any flavor)

Pet Peeve: Excuses

Favorite Place: Panama City, Florida, during Spring Break

Favorite Hangout: Victory Lane Lodge

Sport to Watch: Basketball, Supercross, cycling

Favorite Sports Team: Kentucky Wildcats NCAA basketball team

Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong

Sports to Participate In: Basketball and ping pong

Hobbies: Riding dirt track, hanging with friends

Favorite Music: Hip hop

Favorite Groups: Nappy Roots, Jay-Z, Drake, Eminem

Favorite Clothes: “Team uniform means it’s a race weekend!”

Favorite Trophy: “My world championship trophy”

Favorite Track: “Laguna Seca, Peoria TT, or the track at our compound”

Favorite Store: Diesel store—especially when it’s on the house!

Favorite Subject in School: Physical Education

Best High School Memory: “Sophomore year in Mr. Dunn’s Biology class; I didn’t learn much, but I had fun!”

Weirdest Job: “Stripping tobacco on my uncle’s farm”

Greatest Achievement: “Winning ’99 AMA Pro Athlete of the Year, and the MotoGP World Championship in 2006!”

Best Racing Memory: “Finishing on the podium with both my brothers at the 2002 Springfield TT.”

If He Weren’t a Racer: “Don’t scare me like that; I’m a bike racer!”

Words to Live By: “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk only leads to poverty” Proverbs 14:23