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When I agreed to do Sazuka didn't know I was going to have to ride & help with pit stops 😜…

about 17 hours ago

RT @hondaproracing: Happy birthday @NickyHayden 🎉 Hope you have a fabulous day at the #Suzuka8H

July 29 2016 11:59pm

RT @MotoElement: @NickyHayden representing Earl’s Racing Team at #Suzuka8Hour! 🇺🇸 @haydenfanclub

July 29 2016 7:34am

RT @denkmit: Bit of a queue to get @NickyHayden's autograph! #Suzuka8H

July 29 2016 7:34am

RT @MotoElement: @NickyHayden charging out of T9 under the tunnel during afternoon practice. #Suzuka8Hour @haydenfanclub…

July 29 2016 7:33am

RT @K_Kid69: 👊😭

July 27 2016 8:20am