Ask Nicky

Hey Nicky,
I understand that riders have to wear team leathers, but I like the fact that you guys get to wear individually designed helmets. You always seem to have one of the better-looking helmets on the grid, and I was wondering how much input the riders have in the design of their own helmets. Thanks.
P.S. I'm hoping to see your sweet looking helmet up on the podium more often this year! Good Luck!
Todd Mino

Well thanks, but credit goes to the crew over at Starline, as they do the work. Yes, I have a lot of input and enjoy working with them to come up with something I’m into and that looks good, but they do the hard stuff. My helmets are very important to me, and I try to have something special them behind them. Glad you like them. -Nicky

Dear Nicky,
Would you ever consider taking part in the Isle of Man TT Races or the Dakar Race?
Wendy Noble

I had the opportunity to go visit Isle of Man last year with Dainese, and wow, what a great event, with tons of history. As far racing it seriously goes, I don’t think that one’s for me, as I just know nothing about street racing. As for the Dakar, on the other hand, I’ve learned a lot more about it over the last few years, and I follow it a bit. Still, I think I’d better stay in my lane and stick to what I know—racing GPs. -Nicky

Hey Nicky!
I've always dreamed to be a MotoGP rider, but I don't know how to start. I've always asked my parents about it, but they don't support me. What can I do to get started?
Abby Zulkifli (Malaysia)

Find new parents? Sorry, but it’s going to be real hard without the support. I think you should not take no for an answer and follow your dream, but I really think you need to convince your parents to get behind you. -Nicky