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Bobby P the Lousiville coach he cant ride a motorcycle very good but ole dude can coach football.

about 7 hours ago

RT @James5Trevor: @NickyHayden shouldn't think so :-)

October 29 2014 4:18pm

RT @VersionForty: Sweet. New @NickyHayden on YouTube again! #NH69 #LetsGetIt #KentuckyKid

October 29 2014 4:18pm

You city slickers jealous? 😉 #KentuckyLiving

October 29 2014 3:56pm

Taking my pretty lil niece to school after a sleep over last night. 😍

October 28 2014 9:06am

RT @GaizkaMendieta6: Great meeting you @NickyHayden !! All the best! @asparteam @sepangcircuit @MotoGP #kl #SepangMotoGP #malaysia http://t…

October 26 2014 11:17am